Through Adversity, We Gain Wisdom...

-Jacqueline M Franklin-


I am an Indie author who loves to tell a story. I've published many books on Amazon, from poetry to contemporary. However, the old west if my favorite genre.

I have collaborated on (two) poetry books with other authors from around the world--"Our United Voices" and "Our United Voices—Revisited, which is available via Amazon.

ALL royalties go to charity:

* Doctors Without Borders

*Academy of American Poets

If my writing makes you laugh, cry, or touch your emotions in some way throughout your journey, then I have achieved my goal. And, perhaps along the way, I have proven where there is love—anything is possible.


​Cheers … and Keep Smilin’ … Jacqueline

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Until we meet again...

Keep Smilin’ ... Jacqueline

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