Historical Romance

A Penny For Your Thoughts
From Tragedy To Destiny

*Western/Arizona Territory -1886*


Half-breed Grady Jackson wasn't aware of it at the time, but a calculated lie by his childhood nemesis tore him and his one true love, Kaylee Ketteringly apart ten years earlier. However, when he decided it's time to put old ghosts to rest after his self-indulgent lifestyle takes its toll, he realizes the only way to do such a task will force him to go back and face her.


When the only man Kaylee vowed she would ever love didn't return after the promised year aways so she could ponder marriage to a half-breed, her life became a lonely existence.


After their unlikely reunion in a 'bordello' brings them face-to-face, an explosive event will test them at every turn. Can love reunite them? Or, will old ghosts haunt and sever whatever bond they once held fo reach other into a million pieces?

^Western/Arizona Territory, 1881^

After Breanna Allister’s forever-after fairytale crumbled, her forward-thinking helped her survive, support her sons—also, half-breed son she took in after Luke fell into a wastrel lifestyle. Twenty-six years of Luke's abusive ways took its toll, and she left him.

Chance Marley loved Breanna since childhood, yet let her slip through his fingertips, leaving his unrequited love to linger on for years. Now, do they 'Dare to Dream?'

^Western/Arizona Territory-1883^


Sheriff Zack Allister of Peaksville, Arizona, has fallen hard and fast for widowed, Lacy Marie Devlin, who has relocated in town with her daughters to start a new life. Rumor has it, Gene Devlin’s demise may not be fact, posing the question—did he die a hero as thought—or is he very much alive—maybe even an outlaw?


The road to happiness is plagued with many pitfalls. Follow along on Zack’s and Lacy Marie’s journey of discovery, love, heartache, and certain tragedy, but through it all, there is no denying they love each other—but at what cost?

^Western/Arizona Territory-1883^


Half-breed Lone Walker lost his family to a massacre when he was fifteen. When taken in by Breanna she raised him along with her two sons, Zack and Gabe, He realizes the love of a family once again.


When Lone Walker became Zack’s deputy, bigotry was nothing new to him—he had lived with it all his life. It wasn’t until he met Candace that it reared its ugly head in a long and winding road.


No matter the peril they face together—love is never in question, albeit, the harsh reality of that love will haunt. Can love conquer all? If so, at what cost?

^Stoneford, Arizona -1868^


When Alyssa Granger's father, the mayor of Stoneford, abruptly announces he has arranged for her to marry a much older man, she panics. Not only a scoundrel, but the man holds many secrets and not all good ones.


Tanner Blackhawk, a Navajo half-breed, orphaned young and raised in various homes, faced bigotry at every turn. However, since coming to Stoneford, fifteen years earlier, Alyssa was the one person who became a steadfast friend.


Now, when Alyssa needs help, will Tanner stand by her or shun the controversy that is about to explode? Dark secrets and karma have a way of colliding, and where the debris lands remain to be seen.

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