​"Gabriella's Paradise Ranch"

Evolution of a Paramour

Follow the 'fictional journey' of how one might have evolved into the life of a paramour for centuries. Were they forced into it by a cruel twist of fate? Groomed from childhood? Did they choose it for the thrill? Or, could it have been for completion in some way while searching for their sense of self?

We'll start with Gabriella's evolution. Most importantly, how she, against the odds, turned her misfortune into survival amongst the dictate of society's propriety in history. Along the way, perhaps you will come to realize some of the varying situations that led others to Gabriella's Paradise Ranch. In turn, maybe even gain respect, perception, and acceptance that one can survive their anguish to see a happier day.

No matter their reasons, not only will you go on a sometimes sad and funny ride, but a guaranteed *erotic* journey

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Jacqueline M Franklin

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