"Winds of Change"

Heartfelt Poetry (Ekphrastic)

Poetry written that is inspired by artwork, a photo, or item...

The Ivories



I’m not sure why I sometimes come into this old attic

while these memories—they assail me so

yet I don’t seem to be able to let go.


It feels like a lifetime since I heard the grand applause

yet this piano still holds me—suspended

no matter my world was upended.


Time was when the ivories meant all I had achieved

then one day—I somehow ceased to exist

found myself on the all used up list.


I suddenly became yesterday’s news as youth seized

and my piano of oak—obsolete to their new

as my world began to lose its hue.


Yet—from time to time I visit this place of yesterday

remember these beautiful ivories—once more

as my hands float over the keys as before.



It was our date night

anticipation grew

we lived for it

you know

that rush




beat as one

while waves of

passion heightened
our obsession soared

while entwined on those

red satin sheets—our bodies

would not be deprived as we

reached for the apex to quench

our thirst for love … satisfaction


… Cataclysmic…


But when the obscurity of your

betrayal blindsided me and became

my reality as love left my heart shattered

leaving our lost love

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