​​In Loving


Tom's family

Tom's mother, along with

his sister and brother

* Wedding Day *

Hazel Jane & Pop

​* At a Halloween Party *

Hazel Jane & Pop

* Aunt Pat *

We lost Pop's sister about

a year ago--lovely lady!

If Only We Believe


Those we love but all too soon

depart from this life are all around us

although we cannot see or touch them

yet if only our prayer for just a moment

in time could bid us once

more to hold them closely

savor their loving essence

or chat about bygone days

how blessed we would be

down to our very soul…


If only


But it is not to be, so we must accept

what is and glorify in unexpected tingles

that without warning caress our mortality

and nostalgic memories flood our thoughts

as uncontrolled tears fall freely down our

cheeks from a force more powerful than

we are, reminding us that our loved ones

are but a whisper away in our thoughts

and dreams, because they are indeed

within us, down to our very soul


If only we believe

Jackie's Family

* Mom's  '80' Birthday *

My brother hired an

Elvis impersonator!


Dad and Me!


Family Collage

from over the years

Taken at my

niece's wedding

Pix of my big brother and me, which urged me to

write the poem

Alone With Shadows


Seems like only yesterday where once we were four

now there’s just two left to ponder carefree days

they tease my memories and sensibilities

leaving my heart with emptiness


Alone with shadows


I believed Mom and Dad were invincible

but the day came I was left to cope

reality seeped in and took its toll

so all that’s left for me is


Alone with shadows


Sometimes I wonder

who will be next to leave

perhaps big brother will get the call

beyond a doubt we four will be down to one


Alone with shadows


For now, I’ll savor big brother

as we reminisce—laugh—shed a tear

then when it’s over, and one of us gets the call

memories and sensibilities will soothe the weary soul


Alone with shadows

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