God Bless Our


"Master Chief

Allen E. Alt"

My son retired after

'30' Years

of service in '2017'

Thanks to

our Military

​...God Bless

them all...

Allen & Sabrina at
his Master Chief
after party
At the ceremony for Allen's promotion to
Master Chief













It matters not the country in

which we reside—instead

let's stand and applaud

those who gave some

while some gave all


We must never forget their sacrifice

for our hard-earned freedom that

many times we take for granted


Let us keep in mind's eye and heart

the deserved families whose sacrifice

goes unnoticed because they do it with

honor so we the people don't do without


Hug the child who may forget

what Mom or Dad looks like

because they've been away

in distant lands  and shores


Let us take time to comfort the widow who

must remain strong for her child when

the knock at the door reveals their

world is now forever altered


Keep in mind the parents who send their

son or daughter off to war knowing

they may never again hear their voice

or see the smile they so adore


Remember and bless the soldier who comes

home from a war that forever changes

them  from the hell they endured

which to us is unfathomable


‘We the people’

so always remember

United We Remain Strong





My favorite time of the

year was walking down our

country road in Autumn with a

nip in the air while he held my hand

and we talked and laughed through our

naïveté with carefree abandon as love flowed

with nary a thought about what the future may hold

then my dreams came true

when he gave me a ring

as plans, we made for

promised tomorrows

while we continued

down our  country

road in Autumn


I didn’t know back then how we

were on borrowed time since

we danced and made silly

like young lovers do


Then Uncle Sam

pointed his finger

-I want you-

and suddenly you

were swept away


It was on that unthinkable day I

died a little when the harsh truth

of freedom came home to play


on this our

wedding day



Tom's Mom
'Hazel Jane (H J)'
served in the Marines'
Tom's Dad 'Pop'
served in the Navy
My Dad 'Eddie'
served in the Navy
Allen & Sabrina
at a Navy Ball

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