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My family is the guiding force in everything I do--especially my hubby, who has helped

me to see my potential. I had it all the time, but it took him to help me see that I can do it!

'Princess Pepperoni!'

Pepperoni turned '14'

in September 2019

My favorite pix on our 13th Anniversary. We celebrated

our 27th in January 2020.

- Winter '2019' -

My daughter-in-law Sabrina

with Alex and Andy

-Christmas '2019' -

Allen and  his beautiful family

- Christmas '2019'-

Daddy Andy & Alex are

counting down the time until

Santa Claus arrives

My niece and nephew

a couple of years ago at an

AZ Diamondback's preseason

Our 'great nieces'

Aubrey & Kylie, then

along came Miss Harper

October 2020

Grandpa & Great Uncle Tom's

Retirement Party '2018'

- Early '7th' birthday -

The twins Alex and Andy (Dec. 19) since they celebrated Thanksgiving at

Grandpa & Grandma Franklins

- February '2020' - Family Reunion -

Grandsons Alex, Andy, and great nephew Wyatt, along with great nieces Aubrey, Kylie & Addy, but... Miss (baby) Harper is a bit too young to join in!


Something To Think About


…Cherished Yesterdays…


If we could bring back all of our yesterdays

and wrap them in a neat little package

then reopen it when life becomes mundane

our world would flourish with smiles


but we cannot, so…


As life passes us by, we must

 remember those lost moments and

 hours—even though they may seem

…insignificant… superfluous…

they made us who we are


Perhaps it is in the

sorrow and pain

joy and laughter

we can seek


new beginnings

daisies in a meadow

a lover’s kiss

a child’s laughter

a mother’s devotion

a father’s smile

because in the end

yesterday is an old memory

today glimpses tomorrow



if tomorrow never comes


then …

our yesterdays will

become our loved ones

cherished yesterdays






is like fresh falling

snow as it blankets the

ground in its purity and

grace—restoring my soul

where there is no time

or space—right or

wrong—just the

very essence of



and the


full of



fulfilled by

His loving grace
where there

is no time
or space
right or





Time waits for no one rich or poor

and if time were really on my side

I would take myself on a wild ride

let my hair fly in the wind as I soar


I’d walk down a country road from my childhood

savoring the smell of freshly mown hay in the wind

and reminisce my country roots when life was so good

the only place in the world I could find peace of mind


I would run free and walk in the rain

while allowing it to nourish my soul

erasing years of weariness and pain

before life consumed to takes its toll


Remember as a child how the days seemed long

while believing time wouldn’t dare touch me

yet reality proved how wrong I was


And if I had time to kill I’d make no silly rules

deeming we should most obediently abide

since realism confirms to made us fools

and then I think perchance I’d find

my true love—pour some wine

and with Bocelli’s refrain

floating on the air—

ahhh how we ‘d


make love

‘til morn

From lessons learned I wouldn’t worry all that much

about meeting someone else’s expectations of me

instead I’d forget about stiff propriety and such


I would hold my children and the twins to my breast

and would cherish their very essence for all time

while they soothed my soul from any unrest


If I feel my time is near to slipping away

I’ll look to ‘Him’ in heaven above

pray for just one more day


But if ‘He’ deems my time is done

I’ll kneel and give ‘Him’ thanks

because I’ve had a good run


When this earthly ride takes me away from them

I'd like to think they'll realize it’s okay to let flow

the tears they try to hold back because it just

means we loved through and through forevermore


And when a gentle breeze caresses their skin

sending tingles throughout their core

I hope they know it'll be me easing

their pain so they can heal

…it just takes


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